Monday, January 23, 2006

Rules for blogging

What a great article! I'm posting this for posterity and for my future blogging classes. Amanda LaBonar writes an excellent article for the Marquette Tribune, Personal Responsibility needed when blogging.

It is an excellent article. I picked it up from Anne Davis (no relation) at the anne.teachesme blog. Anne, in true teacher form creates an excellent synopsis of the article.

  • Freedom of speech comes with personal responsibility.
  • Everything you post represents you.
  • I don't post anything I wouldn't be comfortable with anyone, from my parents to potential employers, viewing.
  • We complain about free speech being taken away, but we are giving away our privacy without a second thought.
  • I'm not bowing to the administration or running scared that something I might post will get me more then a slap on the wrist. I'm being realistic. These posts reflect you, and you never know who is looking at them.

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Kiki Cherry said...


Thanks for coming over and saying hi on my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours today.

I have a technical question for you. How did you put the links to other blogs in your right column? I want to do that as well, but am new to all of this and a little technically challenged. : )