Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Orleans to Offer Wi-Fi to attract business

In an effort to revitalize New Orleans, its mayor, Ray Nagin, has announced their efforts to blanket the city with Wi-Fi within one year.

Although after the city is restored to normalcy, the speeds will have to be pulled down a bit, the hope seems to be that city wide Internet will make the area much more conducive to business.

Think about it -- nothing is left with all infrastructure including the one that delivered their prior Internet -- gone!

I think that wi-fi is definitely an economic development tool.

I think Wi-Fi makes a lot of sense and would be a great plus for small communities like mine of Camilla, Georgia. Vacationers could come to our city away from it all but still sit in our new coffeeshop and surf the net or shop in our shops and still use their wi-fi enabled devices.

We have the technology now to do this with our City Internet -- all we need is a couple of wireless nodes and we're set!

We've made such strides in revitalizing downtown. We have many people now I know who travel to Albany to sit at a "hot spot" drink coffee or have their family shop while they work. Yes it is early and many citizens would not understand -- but the types of people who do understand have money and demand wi-fi. We want them shopping in Camilla.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Start your adventure with Firefox

I've been experimenting and learning about new web experiences over the last weeks and months. I first want to list the number ONE improvement that I've made to my Internet Experience. I went to the Firefox website - and downloaded the new Mozilla Firefox.

I must say that the glitches on my older Windows 98 machine as I used the Internet as well as my problems with Norton Internet Security seemed to evaporate into cyberspace.

My favorite features (along with links explaining them) are:
There are affiliate programs where you can earn points referring folks to firefox, however, I'm not one. I just think it is a great program and it has improved my Internet experience.

Remember, however, don't dare try to uninstall Internet Explorer - it is part of your Operating System (OS) and although I know some that have tried it, it is not advisable!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My story

When I was 8 I fell in love with computers as I wrote adventure games on the TRS-80.

After growing up in rural Georgia, I graduated magna cum laude from Georgia Tech. I was a market analyst in the cellular business and then a GM of 3 markets in Georgia. After having one child and pregnant with my second, I resigned from Cellular One.

Over the next three years, I enjoyed my family and did the most unappreciated job on earth – stay at home mom. To keep my mind sharp, I began writing my own web pages. Corporations and individuals asked me to teach them – and I started my own training and web site design business. I provided customized training courses for local companies, government, and colleges. I focused on efficient, useful, training focusing on features people use every day!

Then, I was hired to teach computer science at my children’s school. Since 2003, I've worked to transform lives with cutting edge experiences and a goal of teaching high schoolers how to learn about new technology. (Such a strategy prevents obsolescence.)

I still create web sites and teach adult classes "in my spare time." I love technology -- inspirational books, and anything that makes my life better!

I love to talk about these ideas and always have. This is why I have my business and this blog -- to share with others my opinions on the most life transforming ideas out there!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Transforming yourself from the inside out

As I make my first post on Thanksgiving - I am down another 1/2 a pound (at least for now.) I am on pound number 28 on a 40 pound journey to find myself again.

Six months a go, the Monday after school let out for the summer, my husband and I said "enough." We were overweight, headed for diabetes, heart disease! Our backs hurt, we were listless, hungry all the time, and just plain cranky!

We've tried many things but never really 100% and never really together. This was it! He said we'd be doing Body for Life!

It is tough to explain the program -- we've had our ups and downs. I do know that the greatest thing is how I feel! I feel 20 years younger and can run a mile faster than I did in high school. I can keep up with my three kids. Just go to the website and you'll see more.

I believe this classifies as my first Bright Idea because of the overwhelming change it has had on my life. It has been easy to follow in terms of food.

I wish more people would follow a similar program but it seems most just want to take a pill and lose weight quickly. Yes, the first couple of weeks of losing 6 and 5 lbs were great -- but honestly most weeks are down 1/2 and down 1 -- not these stellar weight loss numbers posted by folks on the Biggest Loser.

The best way to lose weight is the old fashioned way -- eat less and exercise more! I feel great! I feel alive again! I feel rejuvinated! Wow -- now that is a bright idea!