Saturday, November 26, 2005

My story

When I was 8 I fell in love with computers as I wrote adventure games on the TRS-80.

After growing up in rural Georgia, I graduated magna cum laude from Georgia Tech. I was a market analyst in the cellular business and then a GM of 3 markets in Georgia. After having one child and pregnant with my second, I resigned from Cellular One.

Over the next three years, I enjoyed my family and did the most unappreciated job on earth – stay at home mom. To keep my mind sharp, I began writing my own web pages. Corporations and individuals asked me to teach them – and I started my own training and web site design business. I provided customized training courses for local companies, government, and colleges. I focused on efficient, useful, training focusing on features people use every day!

Then, I was hired to teach computer science at my children’s school. Since 2003, I've worked to transform lives with cutting edge experiences and a goal of teaching high schoolers how to learn about new technology. (Such a strategy prevents obsolescence.)

I still create web sites and teach adult classes "in my spare time." I love technology -- inspirational books, and anything that makes my life better!

I love to talk about these ideas and always have. This is why I have my business and this blog -- to share with others my opinions on the most life transforming ideas out there!

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