Monday, November 28, 2005

Start your adventure with Firefox

I've been experimenting and learning about new web experiences over the last weeks and months. I first want to list the number ONE improvement that I've made to my Internet Experience. I went to the Firefox website - and downloaded the new Mozilla Firefox.

I must say that the glitches on my older Windows 98 machine as I used the Internet as well as my problems with Norton Internet Security seemed to evaporate into cyberspace.

My favorite features (along with links explaining them) are:
There are affiliate programs where you can earn points referring folks to firefox, however, I'm not one. I just think it is a great program and it has improved my Internet experience.

Remember, however, don't dare try to uninstall Internet Explorer - it is part of your Operating System (OS) and although I know some that have tried it, it is not advisable!

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